Blackthorn Hills Office

A dynasty was created in 2004 when a Pure Polish Arabian stallion of such noble standings was brought to Blackthorn Hills. Atticus was his name, and since that special day we have been breeding and showing the most impressive Arabians in Sim.

Established in 2004 and located on the beach of Corolla, North Carolina, Blackthorn Hills Farm rests on 120 acres of land among the wild horses of the Outer Banks. Since the beginning of our reign, Blackthorn Hills has been conquering all corners of the show circuit with our immense competitors and carefully sculpted homebreds. We have strived to be all that we can be in terms of the horses we house, and we are proudly home to some of the most sought after stallions that All-SIM has to offer. The backbone to our program has always been a sensational Polish Arabian, known as Atticus. Before we were recognized as Blackthorn Hills Farm, we went under alias' such as Atticus, INC. and Badieh Jinaan. During this time, a period between 2002 and 2003, Atticus was building his career with All Nations Cup World Championships and getting our name introduced to the public. Since then you see our name all over the boards, with our homebreds dominating the AHAC with their charisma, intelligence, and athleticism.

Since our beginning in 2004, we have established a strong and sought after breeding program. Don't be fooled by the vast numbers of foals to have hit the ground with the BT prefix, we do not breed for quanity, but quality. The great majority of our homebreds go on to become International champions within the AHAC. Many have reached their legion of masters and beyond.

Blackthorn Hills is proud to offer some of SIM's finest stock to the public. Horses listed for sale within our barn have some of the finest blood running through their veins and the ability to accomplish amazing feats. We show our horses to the best of our ability, but occasionally we need to make room for new blood in our barn.

Blackthorn Hills Farm has been home to many Champions. As our herd grows and our Show String increases, we occassionally have to send some of our loved stock on to new and more rewarding home. The horses listed below are only some of many horses that have left our barn.